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Simon Negus, History of a Time to Come, and the Beginnings of a Thrash Metal Band

Simon Negus Blue Rock band on stage

Simon Negus Blue Rock band on stage

In the mid 1980’s, thrash metal was a rapidly growing genre of music with a huge fan base. Metallica was just starting to become a global phenomenon in the genre, and some of the biggest acts and albums ever to fall into the category were just being produced and recorded. It was around this time that a pair of demos made their way into the offices of the independent label Noise Records. Named Blood for the Blood God, the demos had been recorded by a band known as Sabbat, and they quickly turned into a record contract that would prove crucial for vocalist Martin Walkyier, guitarists Andy Sneap and Simon Jones, and drummer Simon Negus.

With a recording contract inked, Negus and crew immediately started work on their debut album, History of a Time to come. The album was highly praised by critics and beloved by fans, and it was absolutely one of the most impressive albums in the genre at the time. With remarkable vocals, surprisingly meaningful lyrics, amazing guitar riffs and equally amazing drumming, the album’s nine tracks created a major fan base for the band. While it lacked the flow of the band’s later concept album Dreamweaver, History of a Time to Come introduced the world to a band that would set the benchmark for other UK thrash bands to follow.

History of a Time to Come was more than just a benchmark of its time, as it is still regarded as one of the best thrash albums to date. Negus and crew broke up in the early 1990’s and the members went on to work with other bands (Negus joined a band called Glory Boys), but when Cradle of Filth needed a support band for a few gigs in 2006, it was Sabbat that was chosen to fill the role. The introduction back into the genre’s spotlight led to the rerelease of both History of a Time to Come and Dreamweaver and helped introduce Sabbat to an entirely new generation of thrash metal fanatics.

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How An Online Directory Can Make Your Search Simple And Efficient

Very little new information escapes the robotic digital systems that constantly scour the internet for new links or publications, and the amount of data available through search engines has become unimaginably huge. An online directory gathers related types of information and combines it into easily accessed groups or lists.

While they may seem similar to a standard search engine in many respects, the key difference is the inclusion of the human element. The databases exist because people have painstakingly analyzed and arranged specific categories of information in ways that go beyond the initial search process, making them more logical and easier to work with.

These organized sources of information largely eliminate the need to pour through hundreds of individual search entries in order to find the right link. Businesses may be grouped according to the product or service they provide, or with other general enterprises in the same city or region. The information is edited by people, for people.

Not only does this make research simpler and faster, but it also provides an beneficial and even profitable platform for highlighting a new service or consumer product. This kind of advertising reaches individuals who are not just randomly browsing, but who are looking for a specific offering, and have greatly narrowed their search.

Many online business directories also present reviews that come directly from consumers. While these are not scientifically based, they are an indicator of general public satisfaction or unhappiness with a particular company or product. When the reviews are primarily good, they can be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

An online directory can be built around nearly any category, and is not restricted to commerce. The sites effectively combine the old-fashioned telephone book, encyclopedia, and even product catalogs into a single source that is not only easy to access, but also receives constant editorial attention from people, as well as computers.

Kate Moss Is Certainly One of the Best Known Models of All Time

When it comes to celebrities, we tend to think largely of actors, actresses, singers, and athletes.  Yet mention a name like Kate Moss, and most people around the world will know exactly who you are talking about.  While we may not instantly think of models as megastars, Moss has been making a name for herself for over two decades.  Not everything that has ever been said about her has been kind, but it has certainly all helped keep her in the public eye and make her one of the most highly paid models of all time not only in the UK, but around the world.  With more Vogue cover appearances than almost anyone else in the world, Kate Moss is definitely something of a superstar.


Kate Moss was born in London in 1974.  She was discovered by a modeling agency at JFK Airport in 1988 when she was just 14, and quickly turned the modeling world upside down.  In a time when the industry was known for full figured women with beautiful curves, Kate Moss was waif-thin and her look was labeled as “heroin chic”.


Kate Moss has made numerous lists of most beautiful and hottest women, and has appeared on the Sunday Time Rich List.  Beloved by designers and despised by PETA, she has worked with some of the largest fashion houses in the world.  She had a cocaine scandal in 2005 after photos revealed Moss snorting what appeared to be lines of the white powder.  While the scandal lost her a number of contracts, it also thrust her higher into the public spotlight.  After the scandal, Moss was making more money than ever.  Aside from modeling, Moss has a daughter who was born in 2002 and has worked on behalf of numerous charities.  While her past may be controversial, there is no doubt that Kate Moss helped bring models to our list of household celebrities.

Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru What Are the Goals of the Erelu Adebayo Foundation?

The Erelu Adebayo Foundation, or ERAF, is a Nigeria-based NGO that serves to better meet the needs of some of the nation’s most ignored and vulnerable citizens. Working primarily with widows, orphans, vulnerable children, women, and HIV patients, the organization works to offer vital services as well as programs that will help Nigeria’s least privileged citizens to become self-reliant and to put them in a better position to care for themselves and their families.

ERAF is overseen and operated by a five member board consisting of Chairman Erelu Angela Adebayo, Dr. Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru, Mrs. Ronke Okusanya, Dr. Olusola Bob Egbe, and Programme Officer Agatha A. Johnpaul. While the programs and services offered by the organization are quite varied, there are six strategic initiatives that they strive to achieve. These initiatives include assisting and rehabilitation widows and surviving family members, housing feeding, and clothing orphans and homeless children, and empowering widows and young girls in order to become more self sufficient and better able to care for their immediate family members. Other primary initiatives include arranging procedures for adopting orphaned children, creating a resource network for humanitarian operations, and organizing training and networking venues for young girls, widows, orphans, and vulnerable children.

Meeting the needs of the underprivileged in a nation with high rates of unemployment and HIV infection is a very difficult task, and the work done by ERAF is funded through both member/philanthropic sponsorship and donations. Project proposals are fully developed before deployment, ensuring a full life cycle from design and implementation to monitoring and progress evaluations. The goals of the Erelu Adebayo foundation are broad, and the result is a set of programs and initiatives that make a big difference in the lives of some of Nigeria’s most often ignored citizens.