Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru What Are the Goals of the Erelu Adebayo Foundation?

The Erelu Adebayo Foundation, or ERAF, is a Nigeria-based NGO that serves to better meet the needs of some of the nation’s most ignored and vulnerable citizens. Working primarily with widows, orphans, vulnerable children, women, and HIV patients, the organization works to offer vital services as well as programs that will help Nigeria’s least privileged citizens to become self-reliant and to put them in a better position to care for themselves and their families.

ERAF is overseen and operated by a five member board consisting of Chairman Erelu Angela Adebayo, Dr. Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru, Mrs. Ronke Okusanya, Dr. Olusola Bob Egbe, and Programme Officer Agatha A. Johnpaul. While the programs and services offered by the organization are quite varied, there are six strategic initiatives that they strive to achieve. These initiatives include assisting and rehabilitation widows and surviving family members, housing feeding, and clothing orphans and homeless children, and empowering widows and young girls in order to become more self sufficient and better able to care for their immediate family members. Other primary initiatives include arranging procedures for adopting orphaned children, creating a resource network for humanitarian operations, and organizing training and networking venues for young girls, widows, orphans, and vulnerable children.

Meeting the needs of the underprivileged in a nation with high rates of unemployment and HIV infection is a very difficult task, and the work done by ERAF is funded through both member/philanthropic sponsorship and donations. Project proposals are fully developed before deployment, ensuring a full life cycle from design and implementation to monitoring and progress evaluations. The goals of the Erelu Adebayo foundation are broad, and the result is a set of programs and initiatives that make a big difference in the lives of some of Nigeria’s most often ignored citizens.

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