Kate Moss Is Certainly One of the Best Known Models of All Time

When it comes to celebrities, we tend to think largely of actors, actresses, singers, and athletes.  Yet mention a name like Kate Moss, and most people around the world will know exactly who you are talking about.  While we may not instantly think of models as megastars, Moss has been making a name for herself for over two decades.  Not everything that has ever been said about her has been kind, but it has certainly all helped keep her in the public eye and make her one of the most highly paid models of all time not only in the UK, but around the world.  With more Vogue cover appearances than almost anyone else in the world, Kate Moss is definitely something of a superstar.


Kate Moss was born in London in 1974.  She was discovered by a modeling agency at JFK Airport in 1988 when she was just 14, and quickly turned the modeling world upside down.  In a time when the industry was known for full figured women with beautiful curves, Kate Moss was waif-thin and her look was labeled as “heroin chic”.


Kate Moss has made numerous lists of most beautiful and hottest women, and has appeared on the Sunday Time Rich List.  Beloved by designers and despised by PETA, she has worked with some of the largest fashion houses in the world.  She had a cocaine scandal in 2005 after photos revealed Moss snorting what appeared to be lines of the white powder.  While the scandal lost her a number of contracts, it also thrust her higher into the public spotlight.  After the scandal, Moss was making more money than ever.  Aside from modeling, Moss has a daughter who was born in 2002 and has worked on behalf of numerous charities.  While her past may be controversial, there is no doubt that Kate Moss helped bring models to our list of household celebrities.

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