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Simon Negus, History of a Time to Come, and the Beginnings of a Thrash Metal Band

Simon Negus Blue Rock band on stage

Simon Negus Blue Rock band on stage

In the mid 1980’s, thrash metal was a rapidly growing genre of music with a huge fan base. Metallica was just starting to become a global phenomenon in the genre, and some of the biggest acts and albums ever to fall into the category were just being produced and recorded. It was around this time that a pair of demos made their way into the offices of the independent label Noise Records. Named Blood for the Blood God, the demos had been recorded by a band known as Sabbat, and they quickly turned into a record contract that would prove crucial for vocalist Martin Walkyier, guitarists Andy Sneap and Simon Jones, and drummer Simon Negus.

With a recording contract inked, Negus and crew immediately started work on their debut album, History of a Time to come. The album was highly praised by critics and beloved by fans, and it was absolutely one of the most impressive albums in the genre at the time. With remarkable vocals, surprisingly meaningful lyrics, amazing guitar riffs and equally amazing drumming, the album’s nine tracks created a major fan base for the band. While it lacked the flow of the band’s later concept album Dreamweaver, History of a Time to Come introduced the world to a band that would set the benchmark for other UK thrash bands to follow.

History of a Time to Come was more than just a benchmark of its time, as it is still regarded as one of the best thrash albums to date. Negus and crew broke up in the early 1990’s and the members went on to work with other bands (Negus joined a band called Glory Boys), but when Cradle of Filth needed a support band for a few gigs in 2006, it was Sabbat that was chosen to fill the role. The introduction back into the genre’s spotlight led to the rerelease of both History of a Time to Come and Dreamweaver and helped introduce Sabbat to an entirely new generation of thrash metal fanatics.

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